Big presentations, blind dates, traffic jams and unexpected visits… Life is full of moments that can put us on edge. So take a deep breath, think happy thoughts and try AnxiousLess. It helps with occasional anxiousness, leading you toward calm in the midst of a busy life.

  • Features Sceletium tortuosum and key nutrients
  • Helps promote calm
  • Helps relieve occasional anxiousness
  • Is non-habit forming

Why AnxiousLess?
No one else offers this unique formulation featuring Zembrin® brand Sceletium tortuosum and selected nutrients for nervous system support. Zembrin, which is rich in mesembrenone, grows on select farms in South Africa, where indigenous farmers cultivate plants and harvest them in partnership with the San Council. This group represents the San Bushman People in South Africa and promotes social responsibility by sharing profits on every bottle sold with the locals. Our partners also promote and assure maximum sustainability, so you can feel good about feeling good! 

The Story behind AnxiousLess

Sceletium tortuosum grows in desert climes of South Africa. For more than 300 years, natives have gathered and used this plant. In 1685, Governor Simon van der Stel wrote that the natives chewing this plant were “of a very cheerful nature.” Polish chemist Casimir Funk discovered thiamin in 1912. He termed it the “anti-beri-beri factor” for its ability to prevent a disease that had ravaged Southeast Asia. He isolated thiamin from the bran of brown rice. Prior to that, Christiaan Eijkman and Adolphe Vorderman had been studying the effect of diet on the body regarding polished rice versus brown rice. Later, English biochemist Frederick Hopkins confirmed their findings. And in 1929, Eijkman and Hopkins shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine for this work. Magnesium  was  named for the region in Greece where this mineral compound was first found. It has a soothing effect on the bowel, but it’s also critical to nervous system balance and structural health.


Zembrin® (Sceletium tortuosum extract), L-theanine, thiamin, magnesium, zinc.


Take 1 capsule daily as needed.

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