Boost Focus Fuel


  • CREATE ENERGY NATURALLY: Curb cravings, sharpen focus, boost your metabolism and increase your energy with organic superfoods and adaptogen herbs.
  • BOOST METABOLISM: Organic green coffee beans support your body’s natural fat burning abilities without extra caffeine or jitters.
  • SHARPEN YOUR MENTAL FOCUS: Let the organic green tea support your concentration, heighten your mental clarity, and enhance your body’s natural alertness.
  • CURB UNHEALTHY CRAVINGS: Support your serotonin levels and make it easier to stop emotional eating with organic garcinia cambogia and organic cocoa.
  • NATURAL FAT-BURNING INGREDIENTS: Plant-based Boost Focus Fuel is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan and has no artificial ingredients.

Some people just have a sluggish metabolism. Age also works against you. The older you get, the slower your metabolism. Or there are lifestyle factors that slow things down. But there IS good news.

The right herbs and plants can temporarily boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories, even without exercise. Boost Focus Fuel is specially formulated with organic teas, herbs and fruits that give your metabolism a boost, sharpen focus so cravings are reduced, and fuel natural energy.

Get your body back to burning calories and fat at optimal levels.Natural compounds in organic green coffee beans and organic green tea give your metabolism a meaningful short-term boost.Taking these natural metabolism boosters together makes for faster and more effective results, without a lot of caffeine.There’s only 140 mg of natural caffeine per serving in Boost Focus Fuel, about the same as in a cup of coffee.
It’s hard to stay focused when you’re hungry. Boost Focus Fuel has organic extracts that help that curb appetite and cravings.Organic cocoa promotes feelings of wellness and helps reduce appetite. Hydroxycitric acid in organic garcinia cambogia may support serotonin levels, making it easier for emotional eaters to cut back.Research suggests chlorogenic acid in organic green coffee beans helps suppress the release of the “hunger” hormone, leptin. Mental clarity also gets a lift from organic green tea.
All day energy, endurance and lasting stamina is possible, even when trying to lose weight, thanks to the power of adaptogen herbs.Organic Rhodiola rosea and organic eleuthero root are adaptogen herbs that strengthen the body’s response against stressors. Mountain climbers and professional endurance athletes turn to Rhodiola Rosea for its ability to enhance mood, stamina and endurance.Get powered up to conquer any workout or workday with Boost Focus Fuel.

These organic extracts help you stay on track as you make healthy lifestyle choices. You’ll have energy to get through the day, reduced cravings, heightened focus, and feel great!

Simply take three capsules a day before meals to get your metabolism moving, curb cravings, and feel energized. You can take the capsules together OR take split them up between breakfast and lunch.

Boost Focus Fuel Factsheet

A powerful combination of organic extracts gives a boost to your weight loss goals by making it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices! The natural extracts in Boost Focus Fuel target all 3 proven ways to lose weight:

  1. Increase metabolism to burn more calories and fat
  2. Curb cravings to reduce calorie intake
  3. Fuel energy to increase activity levels

Each of the organic extracts is renowned for support of metabolism, appetite control, mental clarity and energy. Together, they are even more powerful.

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