Silver Shield w/ Aqua Sol


Our best-selling immune-system supplement helps you shield yourself and your loved ones from what’s out there with the power of silver. And Silver Shield’s unique silver oxide coating gives you the mother lode of effectiveness.

  • Provides powerful, broad-spectrum immune support
  • Features silver nano-particles
  • 20 parts per million potency – all you need for success
  • Guaranteed pure and safe

Why Our Silver Shield? 

Wondering if Silver Shield is worth the rush? Let’s learn together. See, while some ionic or colloidal silver products boast double or triple the parts per million, they’re not more effective than Silver Shield! Our careful, scientific approach is founded on the principle of less is more.  And we get the job done better! Here’s how… Studies show that silver nano-particles can anchor to the cell wall of bacteria and consequently infiltrate it. This action will cause physical changes or damage in the bacterial membrane, which is harmful to the bacteria. Silver Shield is special because our patented AquaSol’s unique silver nanoparticles feature an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver in the form of silver oxide. In other words, it does morewith less. And Silver Shield nano-particles are backed by many independent studies! 

Ancient peoples living in parts of Asia and the Mediterranean region (including the Roman Empire) used silver drinking vessels and stored their liquids in silver containers to keep them fresh. And American pioneers placed silver dollars into milk jugs to prevent spoilage as they trod the dusty plains. But what about silver in the medical realm? Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the Father of Medicine, wrote about using silver to treat wounds more than 2,000 years ago. And in 1900, the Eclectic Medical Journal Volume 60 explained the benefits of applying silver foil to abdominal surgeries and burns. Today silver is frequently used in bandages, wound dressings, and as a coating on some medical devices (catheters, endotracheal tubes, etc.) in an effort to reduce risk of infection. Stake your claim to better health with Silver Shield!


20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)


Take one teaspoon, swish and swallow, three times daily. Do not mix with salt or salty-liquids.

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